Because I Love Trackmania

Because I Love Trackmania

I’m going to post six new screenshots of the Wii version set for release on September 23. Just you try and stop me.

Originally released on PC and then last year on DS, Trackmania is part racing game against the clock on some pretty crazy tracks, part stunt sim on some even crazier tracks, and part editing tool where you can build the tracks as crazy as you want.

As a huge fan of the PC version, I’m really curious to see how well it shapes up on Wii – and what coming to Nintendo’s console has added to the template.


    • God, i do the same thing. I love this game, seriously. The amazing track editor is what is awesome, sharing and swapping tracks with people and trying to finish their level… lol.

  • I’m a trackmaniac too! Always such a smooth game to play! Those screenshots look totally ace! Hope it’s as good as the ol pc version!

  • track mania is one of the greatest car games i have ever played even right from the begining.

    This will certainly get some dusk off the old wiimotes!

  • *jumps up and down* Another fan here!! You’ve made me want to reinstall United and play through it all again, I forgot how much fun I had with it!

  • I can’t think of any other game that’s taken up as much time as trackmania has. Seriously, it’s a struggle to stop once I get started. I’d be mad not to buy the wii one. It’d easily be my most played wii game AS LONG as it has decent online multiplayer.

  • Any news on TM3? I saw a video at some French show, but it was very vauge. Great series of games that is nothing special, just heaps of fun to play.

  • While we have the TrackMania fans here, we may as well get each other’s names on the PC game so that we can recognise each other online!

    I’m RedIon1992, written in red and italics. If you see me online, let me know that you’re from Kotaku AUS.

    Also, for those who haven’t tried it, the TrackMania Nations game is free (the environment is the one in the second screenshot). Seriously, give it a whirl. Most of the online servers run Nations maps exclusively because it’s so popular.

    • Hell Yea, Brewer74 is the ID for me. I am going to re0install Forever, got the hankering for it now. Hopefully we will see some more Aussies gunning around witht hese French folk. Their children need wine.

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