Best Buy Launches Video Game Trade-Ins

Electronics retailer Best Buy has rolled out its new video game trade-in program nationwide, offering a $US20 gift card with select titles to help offset the fact that GameStop gives more credit on average.

Best Buy's new trade-in program goes wide this week, launching in nearly 600 locations around the country, with more in the coming months. Customers in participating stores will be able to take their games to the customer service counter or, in select locations, a dedicated trade-in counter, swapping their used titles for store credit. Game consoles and game accessories are also tradable. It's a large improvement over the kiosk-based program they tested earlier this year.

Customers can also trade-in games online at the video game trade-in web page, where credit values will mirror those in-store, a fact that paints a pretty sad picture.

For instance, Red Dead Redemption, a fairly popular title, trades-in at $US19 at Best Buy. GameStop gives customers $US24 for the same title, plus added value for members of its premium program. Super Mario Galaxy 2 trades for $US17 at Best Buy, and $US25 at GameStop.

The differences will be offset slightly starting on August 29, when more than 100 titles will be eligible for a bonus $US20 gift card when traded in at Best Buy stores.

"The expansion of our trade-in program reaffirms our commitment to consistently pursue new ways to bring a better gaming experience to consumers," said Chris Homeister, senior vice president and general manager for the home entertainment group at Best Buy. "Fall marks the launch of several highly-anticipated gaming titles and new technology, and we're thrilled to provide gamers with innovative ways to connect with the games they love."

Best Buy plans to offer pre-owned titles collected through the program at a later date.

So who plans on bringing their games into Best Buy? Despite the value discrepancies, the store credit can be used towards DVDs, Blu-Ray movies, and appliances as well, so I could be persuaded to poke around there, should I find myself in the trading mood. You can never have too many toasters.


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