Better Red Than Dead

As Kotaku transforms into Kotaku After Dark, let's enjoy the transition with a little off-topic conversation. Though, when the conversation may touch on The Matrix Online, the line may begin to blur. Stay with me!

See, this weekend, I opted to watch portions of The Matrix Revolutions, an entry in the Wachowski... siblings trilogy that I swore never to endure after viewing Reloaded. While I couldn't tolerate more than an hour of its dull exposition, it did make me more fondly remember the original for its freshness. It also made me think "Man, remember when everybody loved the shit out of The Matrix?" That was weird.

Did you like The Matrix? How long until you think we're due for a "reboot"? And do tigers like catnip?


    I used to play Matrix Online, it was quite good with a special Live Events Team that would be in the game controlling key members of the stories (Morpheus, The Frenchman, Agents) but sadly when it was bought by SOE, they fired the team and a lot of people left.

    Loved the Matrix, thought Maxtrix Reloaded was okay. First time I saw Revolutions I left the Cinema scratching my head not confused but thinking it wasn't an ending. After watching the movie again a few times on DVD my appreciation for it increased a bit but Matrix 2 & 3 still don't live up to 1 in my book.

    Animatrix - Mostly rubbish except for the Flight of Osiras, the Private Investigator and the Origin of the conflict stories.

    Enter the Matrix - Yeah kind of hoping it will one day be possible to wipe something completly from my memory.

    Matrix Online - Didn't look at it once.

    I loved and still love The Matrix, terrific film.

    And I have a fair bit of affection for the sequels. So nyah, nyah haters. I don't share every popular opinion. Just most of them.

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