Bill Roper Departs Cryptic

Bill Roper — one of the forces behind Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo — defected to Cryptic Studios back in 2008 to work on Champions Online and Star Trek. He has recently stated that he's leaving Cryptic, but hasn't given specifics.


    This story seems to leave out his stellar track record with Flagship Studios and Hellgate London. The interview with him during the final days of that company was one of the most memorable I have ever read.

    Reading this article it almost seems as if he went from working for Blizzard to working at Cryptic Studios (conveniently ignoring his time with Flaship Studios).

      Sounds interesting Care to post it for the rest of us?

        I'm not sure what Kotaku's policy on linking other websites is but I'll give it a go.

        If they don't let me do that, just google: "bill roper sleep office floor," and you will find it.

          Cheers for that!

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