Billy Mitchell Again Is Champion Of Donkey Kong — And Jr. Too

On the day he was to be enshrined with the inaugural class of the International Video Game Hall of Fame, Billy Mitchell was once again certified as the world record holder in Donkey Kong - and also Donkey Kong Jr.

The certifications, timed to coincide with the IVGHOF's "Big Bang" celebration this weekend in Ottumwa, Iowa, returns Mitchell to the top spot in Donkey Kong with 1,062,800, and gives him the Donkey Kong Jr. crown with 1,270,900. Twin Galaxies, the global sanctioning authority for video game high scores, certified Mitchell achieved the marks at Boomers-Grand Prix Arcade in Dania, Fla.

Mitchell's Donkey Kong record unseats Hank Chien, whose 1,061,700 took the top spot in early March. The Donkey Kong, Jr. record tops Mark Kiehl's 1,253,000, which in April topped Mitchell's rival and fellow IVGHOF inductee Steve Wiebe in a back-and-forth.

In a statement released by Twin Galaxies, Mitchell said that he originally intended to beat the Donkey Kong score, then decided to go after the Donkey Kong Jr. mark on the spur of the moment. "I remember a lot of celebration; hugs, kisses and a lot of hooting and hollering," Mitchell said. "Once that died down, stood there looking at Donkey Kong Jr. and thought ‘there's one more thing I have to take care of'."

His time on Donkey Kong was two hours, 42 minutes; on Donkey Kong, Jr. it was three hours, 58 minutes.

Mitchell evidently quit his Donkey Kong game immediately after beating Chien's mark. Asked why, Mitchell said: "Some say I'm being cocky. Some say I'm being lazy. I say, I'm being Billy Mitchell."


    The *charming* personality Billy exudes screams total jerk, regardless of King of Kong's alleged attempt at vilifying him.

    Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh this guy is such a jerk

      Billy Mitchell is hilarious, I dont get why people dont like him. He is one of the best gamers ever, and he's not a baby like Steve Weibe or a poser like Hank Chien.

    i fucking hate that guy

    wow billy, you so cool, oh wait your not, your like the south park bono, always has to be number 1 because your a number 2.

      While I agree with you... come on. It's not hard to type the two extra characters in "you're".

    The King of Kong.

      Billy Mitchell is without a doubt, the real King of Dong.

    I can't believe King of Kong tried to play this guy off as a villain. He sounds like such a champion. That quote about DK Jr.‘there’s one more thing I have to take care of’ Sounds like the stuff of legend.

    Well he is still a wanker

    WD billy. while you playing DK DK Jnr i was probably having sex.

    comeon guys he's playing it up, give credit where its due the guys a legend no doubt

    I don't care if he's really as douchey as he seemed in King of Kong. I just find this fellow incredibly pathetic. Obviously the only thing he's worth something in, is Donkey Kong, a game whose competition has been largely superseded by things like online ladders, leagues, XBL etc.

    It's a dying era and his huge storm in a teacup with Wiebe was just eclipsed by some random, successful, intelligent (and probably wealthy/bored) plastic surgeon who smashed his record ironically after watching King of Kong. And it's taken him almost half a year to claim it back. Godspeed Mitchell, running your hotsauce line while the plastic surgeon is off making tens of thousands of dollars each patient.

    Two Possibilities: You're whining because you aren't him or you think he's god. Good for him anyways. He's obviously wanting not to set the bar too high, or he'll never be beaten again and fade into obscurity. Some time within the next year or two, someone will beat him, he will beat them, and his fame will perpetuate. That's not a criticism by the way, If I could play that well I would probably do the same thing.

    I wish this guy would just stop trying to claim number 1 spot. Even though he was wrongly portrayed in the movie he still seems like a jerk & never lets anyone else hold the victory title for long. if i held a record for 30 odd years i'd just let it go

    Boo, Billy Mitchell!!

    Steve Wiebe FtW!

    There's no denying that Billy is the best gamer in history.

    This guy will never be anything but a champion of pathetic douchesacks the world over. His scores should be null and void simply for being such a wanghead.

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