BioShock Creator On BioShock Movie's Progress

Hollywood is working on a big screen version of underwater opus BioShock. There have been stops and starts, but the game's designer Ken Levine assures the film adaption is being "actively" worked on.

"I will say that it is still an active thing," Levine tells DC radio station 106.7. "And it is something we are actively talking about and actively working on."

That doesn't mean that filming of the project is 100 percent certain. "I can't tell you whether — you know, the movie business is complicated — I can't tell you whether it's going to happen for sure or it's not going to happen for sure," Levin adds. "But it's something we are actively discussing, quite actively, and actively working on."

Levine also discussed the challenges of bringing BioShock to live in cinema. In the game, protagonist Jack is a non-entity. "You can't really do that in a movie," Levin says. "That's your guy, that's the guy you are following through."

The trick is to stay true to the game and also round out the character "so he's not literally a hand with a gun" and "so he's actually a person who is going through some sort of progression through his life."

Honoring the source material and making it work as a film is, as Levine notes, a "super, super challenge".

Gore Verbinski, the director behind the Pirates of the Caribbean flicks, was originally going to helm the project. But after budget snags, he switched to producing. He is currently working on a handful of projects.

In his place, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Intacto, 28 Weeks Later) has signed on to direct the movie version of BioShock. Verbinski has stated that the film version needs to be R-rated — a "hard R" — and not PG-13.

Chad Dukes Interviews Ken Levine [106.7 Thanks, Thomas!]


    I hope this movie does justice to the 1960's (even though its fictional dystopia).

    They should get Leonardo Dicaprio to play Jack.

      Bizarrely, I was thinking exactly the same thing.. It is decided!

      But Jack doesn't have wife issues which is what Dicaprio seems to excel at acting in recent movies.

    So am I the only one that doesn't want a Bioshock movie? I've yet to finish the actual game, but if they're just re adapting the storyline from the game, what's the point? I can just play the game? Sure it's longer and some people may just want to watch it, but it's likely to be targeted at gamers anyway and is likely to end up butchered or just plain scrapped. I wouldn't mind if the movie tells a different story, but ... yeah. It's annoying. I hope it doesn't go through.

    I want to say

    "This will be great!
    They arn't dumbing it down so 12 years olds can watch it like Resident Evil and focusing on adults who played the game"

    But then again so did DOOM.

    I don't think they will change the story much though because it was so great it didn't need changing for film.

      "I don’t think they will change the story much though because it was so great it didn’t need changing for film."

      I disagree. Games, as an entertainment medium, are two-way, movies are one way. As this is the case, everything in BioShock would have been designed to be two-way (interactive).

      As this is the case, I do not see this being translatable to movies. There is going to be significant loss.

      What works for a game, does not mean it will work for a movie (and vice versa).

    'Levine also discussed the challenges of bringing BioShock to live [sic] in cinema. In the game, protagonist Jack is a non-entity. “You can’t really do that in a movie,” Levin says. “That’s your guy, that’s the guy you are following through.”'

    That's not really true. You CAN do that in a movie.
    I watched a movie called Dark Passage recently, which is a Humphrey Bogart movie in which the first half is seen directly through the protagonist's eyes. And it works. It's a really good movie. It was a huge creative leap in cinematography, and that was about 60 years ago. If they could do it then, they could do it now.

    Whether or not they SHOULD do it is obviously another story entirely.

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