BioShock Loses Court Case Over Its Internet Home

You'd think that the URL would take you to the official site for 2K's BioShock series, but no, it does not. And after the publisher lost a recent court ruling, it probably never will.

The domain is currently owned by Name Administration Inc., a company that specialises in... purchasing domain names then sitting on them. They bought it shortly after the first rumours of BioShock's existence surfaced in 2004, and because they bought it so early - long before 2K parent company Take-Two could actually file for a patent on the name - the courts have ruled that Name Administration can hang onto the site name.

So 2K had to make do with It seems the publisher at least learned its lesson, as the upcoming BioShock Infinite is registered in 2K's name.

As for that picture... believe it or not, it's a real board game, one I used to play with my parents all the time when I was little. It's about sheep. And is as interesting as it sounds.

Take Two loses battle over [Gamer/Law]


    Man, sounds like some people out there really need to get a real job

    I thought the whole point of grabbing these was to sell it to the companies that wanted them? Or does the guy seriously make that much money off ads? I would think that ads would only earn you money if people actually click on them, which I can't imagine many, if any, doing.

    Squatter was awesome fun! I used to play it with a friend of mine! One of the best board games around!

    Squatter was and still is, to this day, Awesome, and what a sad world it is when some asshole comes along and buys out your domain name for shi**s and giggles.

    Wow really?? What are they the professional douche bags of the internet~

      It's a great business plan. Owners of and have made oodles of money by selling the domain names. That said, yeah, they are. :P

      Also, I want to play that game now. I really, really do.

    Aargh! I remember that game. We used to play it on the farm, you know, because you can never get enough of farming sheep and all... and thats why I now work in an office...

    Squatter is a pretty rad game, my uncle used to cheat on it though :C

    Domain squatters really suck. I'm a website developer and I've been battling over my companies domain name for ages because someone is squatting on it. All the .com, .net, and are taken and being squatted on.

    Just because they couldn't patent the Bioshock name doesn't mean they couldn't have bought the domain name at the outset before the squatters got there. Silly 2K.

    The game is still going:

    Apparently the highest selling Australian board game ever. That being said, I have no idea what is number 2, or 3...

    I used to play this as a kid

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