Blizzard Hiring, Strongmen Needed

Interested in a job with Starcraft and Warcraft developers Blizzard? You're going to need to put on a gun show.

Blizzard is currently hiring for a Junior Linux Administrator, and among the expected criteria like a driver's licence, knowledge of Linux and a bachelor's degree is this:

Ability (and willingness) to lift a minimum of 30 kg

Americans, that's 66lbs. Minimum. For a job that's not laying bricks or being an old-timey strongman, that's pretty hefty! Anyone who's worked a similar kind of position before, is heavy, manual labour an everyday part of the job? Would an employer sit you down in an interview and ask "WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?" Or are Blizzard just being funny?

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    Moving server equipment around maybe? It is a junior position - thus would get delegated the crap jobs. Possibly a tactical way to remove from the application pool those who may have back / overweight / health issues?

    As a good friend of mine is a server administrator, 30kgs sounds like a normal server unit + UPS.

    Not too unreasonable.

    Perhaps they need to bear the weight of the Blizzard legacy during their employment? I'd imagine that would be pretty heavy.

    Moving UPSs, possibly? The only thing I can think of that might need to be lifted and carried, not just shifted.

    Server equipment can get pretty heavy, I'd say 30kg is not unreasonable.

    But at the end of the day, they're going to get literally thousands of applications. I mean, it's Blizzard after all: I'm sure they get thousands of applications for janitorial jobs!

    To be completely fair, 30kg isn't that heavy for an adult male. My mother can easily lift 30kg.

    To me the qualification they desire from that requirements list is a bachelor's degree. Who needs a bachelor's degree to be a Linux systems administrator? That's nothing that a few tafe courses and a little experience can't teach you quite easily.

      ITS A TRAP!!!

    Working along-side an IT department (as a s/w dev) the requirement to lift 30 kg's makes sense - nice to see the use of metric btw. Makes sense because those darn SAN arrays are HEAVY!

    Maybe they want to make sure they can haul heavy PC cases from office to office?

    To be completely fair, OHS policies should be preventing people from lifting things above 15(?)kg, and using a trolley to move things around.

    Perhaps that's not valid in the US?

    You guys have it all wrong! Obviously the job is going to involve carrying Blizzard's midget CEO on their backs. Like that poor man Mr Burns used to ride to work.

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