Borderlands Is Officially Going 'Game Of The Year' This October

Gearbox Software's runaway hit Borderlands is officially getting a "Game of the Year" style re-release, compiling anything and everything Borderlands into one complete Claptrap-filled package.

Included in the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition release will be all four of the game's add-ons - The Zombie Island of Dr Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and the recently announced Claptrap's New Robot Revolution - plus one new map that is, according to Gearbox, "awesome".

It's scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC this October and will run you $US49.99 if you buy for your Windows-based machine, $US59.99 for your console.

We'll be catching up with the folks from Gearbox at PAX this week, so keep an eye peeled for anything breaking from the show.


    So AU$80 again on steam for PC when they apply the australia tax?

      Hah- aww..
      It's absurd that prices haven't changed to reflect the improved exchange rate. One could make the argument that it costs a little extra to ship discs out here, but that's invalid for digital media.

        The "Australia" Tax?

          You know - the one where they charge Australians $20 more for the same game, just because you live in Australia, and for no other reason. Steam/2K are total racists. Someone should take them to court for discrimination.

    Not to mention aorund $150 for console if you buy from the 'right' retailer.

    Sounds like a good pack, and an excuse to legallise the game I only previously had illegally.

    To be fair, I wouldnt have bought the orignal, the DLC's were what really grabbed me. So much loot grabbing.

    Neat - but seeing as the DLC was already supposedly hit and miss, i'll just Download the good DLC and save myself some cash :)

      But the extra map!

    Well that settles it then. I was waiting for a good enough reason to give this a try...

    Looks like this is it.

    I'd keep checking the price of the game, hoping to score it for under $40. Couldn't get it. But now with all the DLC included, might just plump for this one instead.

    Oh I do hope it's all bundled together installer-wise (Like the UK release of The Sims Complete which was a single install off a precompiled DVD version) and not just package-wise (Like the local Sims Fullhouse collection which had all 13 original game and expansion discs and required something like 7 consecutive multidisc installations!)

    ...especially since the retail versions of the Borderlands DLC seem to be the cause of much of the General Protection Fault thread on the website (which last I checked was close to 80 pages with no support from Gearbox) that for me at least had the cause pinpointed as the DRM they used!

    it would be nice to own versions of the Borderlands DLC where I don't need to 'patch' the legit files with naughty horrible pirate copies to prevent all the DLC from crashing on startup EVERY SINGLE TIME! >.<

    seriously? the game isnt that good.

      Some people seem to think so.

    Game of which year? Borderlands was pretty awful.

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