Brink Heralds "The End Of Genre As We Know It"

More lofty claims from developer Splash Damage, as the latest developer diary for Brink boasts that the game blurs the lines of genre beyond definition.

The game certainly blurs the line between single-player and multiplayer at least. As a bad online shooter player, I appreciate being able to advance offline as well as online. It gives players without mad skills a chance to experience the whole of the game, unlike some shooters where the weapon and equipment unlocks achieved only through online play will forever remain out of reach.

But completely doing away with genre as we know it? It's still a shooter, isn't it?


    Brink - Blurring the line between game developers and douche bags

    so excited for this game. i like fps games that are different in some way, like how they can make fps unique. I think its smart and it gets peoples attention. Its not just another generic shooter game

    So... it's a later version of the missions in Quake: ET?

    I keep getting the feeling that alot of Game developers dont actually play games and therefore have no idea what works and what doesnt.

    Based on the multiplayer vids I've seen of this game, it seems allot like team fortress 2 with parkour and guns, which is fine by me.

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