British Defense Boss Wants Medal Of Honor Banned

How tempting it was to write "Fox wants Medal of Honor banned." For while the U.K.'s defence (sigh, defence) secretary is named Liam Fox, he's not the fearmongering U.S. network.

Fox (again, man, not network) is of course pissed that the game's multiplayer mode allows one side to fight as Taliban insurgents against 'Mericans - sorry, coalition forces. Many in this noncontroversy have gone out of their way to take offence (sigh, offence) but Fox (not the network) gets special commendation. He's assuming that because one of the multiplayer maps is set within Helmland province, where U.K. forces are based, this explicitly means the game's killing British troops.

"I am disgusted and angry. It's hard to believe any citizen of our country would wish to buy such a thoroughly un-British game," the man who is not the network said. "I would urge retailers to show their support for our armed forces and ban this tasteless product."

Really, y'all have jingo-spouting superpatriots over there, too? Damn.

I mean, why hasn't U.S. Defence (sorry, Defense) Secretary Robert Gates had anything to say about Medal of Honor? Possibly because he is a sensible man with bigger responsibilities to fulfil right now.

Speaking of shitbag misleading headlines, check out The Press Association's below.

Fox Urges Ban On Taliban Video Game [Yahoo News. Thanks Nick C. Image via.]


    Great work... We should ban all movies where anyone British gets killed too. And then we should only show the films where Queen Elizabeth rides an iron war horse into Nazi Germany and cuts of Hitler's head with a chainsaw, meanwhile rescuing British children from a burning orphanage run by Freddie Kruger.


    I should sell that above paragraph as a screenplay I think--anyone got North Korea's email?

      A better idea would to be to just ban war, that way games would have to draw all thier material form somewhere else

    I can'r believe you fucked up not one but twice(sigh, Fail)

    You can just see EA's accountants rubbing their hands together as they revise their sales forecasts upwards thanks to all this free publicity.

    It's rather amusing to see a lot of people get up in arms about games that let you kill the "good guys", yet they don't bat an eyelid when you get to kill the "bad guys" (aka anyone not from their country).
    The "Think of our dead troops families!" card always seems to come out at these times too. Well, think of all the family members on the "other team" before touting your rubbish!

      Yeah my thoughts exactly.

      Plus, in the end... its a game. I don't go through thinking "oh hell yeah, i've always wanted to kill some brits". To me, its just another red marker on the map.

    I think it'll be ok as long the players on the taliban side only use their mics to say things like "durka durka" and such. Also, after killing an opponent, instead of tea-bagging, the player should stand over the corpse and waste a whole clip into the sky (would actually rofl if I saw someone do this in game... someone pls entertain me upon release haha)

    I can see how this compares to the "No Russian" level in Modern Warfare 2, but seriously, one asks "would you kill unarmed civilians to protect your country?" while the other asks "would you fight back against armed invaders who repress you more than your already repressive government?"

    Tough stance and this guy probably hasn't even played it just looked at the map list. Is there truly a "British" game? I'm sure there is enough gruelling British history to portray them as the villains; though I doubt it would sell as well. If the issue is over possible racist backlash due to the portrayal of Al-Qaeda forces, then seed was already there. I can see another issue arising would be that playing an Al-Qaeda combatant causes them to become a terrorist; I think that anyone who would enter such a frame of mind is most likely a psychotic in the first place. Maybe he's a Modern Warfare fan.

    yes its okay for REAL wars where millions die,but its crazy to have video game for fun with your mates.

    Gamers can tell the difference between reality and a video game. People who don't understand the medium can't even comprehend or understand that.

    If you can't tell the difference then you shouldn't be playing video games.

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