Bulletstorm Unleashes Hail Of New Media

People Can Fly, Epic Games and EA showcased new gameplay of the hyperviolent alien world shooter Bulletstorm at Gamescom today, illustrating what a quad-barrelled shotgun can do to flesh and bone.

If that trailer was too loud and brash for you, enjoy nine new Bulletstorm screens in quiet serenity in our gallery. They're thick and chunky, like a first-person shooter salsa, the kind of violent flavour you're sure to fall in love with.


    Man this game looks so great!

    I love a bit of mindless fun, and this looks to be about as mindless and fun as a game can get!


      I cant wait for this one aswell, should be a laugh!

        Looks like Gears of War vs Borderlands

    Its a silly version of gears of war- sign me up!

    I don't know why, but I just cannot get excited about this game.

    Maybe, it's because of the first person melee...

    Like this will get classification in Aus....Bugger

      Bulletstorm was rated MA15+ by the Classification Board a few months back.



    It doesn't involve zombies, so no refused classification.

    Or the Board is trying to be a little more lenient to divert attention.

    I'm looking for forward to this, but has there been any information on Multiplayer or co-op?



    It has been modified in this country check the link above.

      We've already covered this - a quick phonecall to 2K and the classification board cleared this up. If you do a bulletstorm search you'll probably find the story.

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