Bungie Has Flair For Original Halo PC Gamers

PC gamers who've kicked it old-school with Halo: Combat Evolved will get a nice piece of flair for their armour in Halo: Reach, according to plans Bungie's made to reward loyal gamers.

How it'll be awarded, more or less, is that those who have authenticated a key for Halo: Combat Evolved on a Bungie server sometime before May 26 will be able to use that key to get the flair, whose looks are presently unknown.

Bungie picked May 26 to keep folks from using programs to generate a key and cash in for the flair. So that means you can't run right out now and by Halo: CE just to get the treat. But if you did before May 26, you're good to go.

Halo: Combat Evolved PC Owners To Get a Halo: Reach Treat [Giant Bomb]


    laaame, I had Halo CE on PC but only played single player, not only that but I have every game on xbox aswell =(

      Yeah, there should at least be something for people who have played 1 and 2 on Live.

      I don't think you needed to play online, you only have to have registered the key online before May 26th

    Oh wow.
    I freaking love halo, and I love getting all of these extra things too, for any game.

    To bad that back when Halo was out I didn't have my own PC so I got it for Xbox instead.

    This kinda feels like a kick in the face from Bungie.

      Apparently they don't have any way to detect who played Halo on the Xbox.

        You might be right, but I would think it would be easy to check whether or not someone has played Halo on their XBox live account.

      Yeah, I always feel like someone is kicking me in the face when they give stuff away for free

        The kick in the face isn't because Bungie's giving stuff to Veteran players, it's that only people with the PC version are considered veterans.

    I wonder if this will apply to the Mac version of CE too. If it doesn't, I'll just grab my bro's PC version. Thanks Bungie :)

    ooh nice. I won the Original Halo for PC in a magazine. I played online to so hopefully I can claim my freebie in reach!

    I have got this somewhere. Bought it years ago and never really played it lol. might go register it now.

      No dice.
      "sometime before May 26"
      Registering it now will not do a thing (except let you play a great game, of course).

    This is really, really pathetic.

    Halo has always been an Xbox game, sure CE and 2 were ported to PC but i think its wrong to deprive the games true fanbase of something if they havnt played it on a PC online.

    Something along the lines of giving the flair to gamertags who had played both Halo 2 and Halo 3 online in the first month would be more fitting. There is your true blue hardcore fanbase, those who have been with you for a very long time.

    You'd think that if you still own the original X-Box versions you'd get something.

    I own two copies of the original on Xbox. I can't remember why.

    Oh you poor babies!

    Oh stop yer whining. This is a reward for people who played the original halo online on the PC. That's who it is for, it isn't for anyone else. Accept it and move on. Bungie reward different groups of players all the time for various things, it is kind of cool and is a nice thing for a dev to do. If it wasn't you this time, be happy for those who did get it, and go back to enjoying playing games.

    At least they're rewarding people - get over it! Geeeeeeez!
    Besides, its probably a way of saying sorry cause the PC Port was quite terrible. Fun, but terrible compared to the Xbox version thats for sure!

    Besides those Halo 2 players got early Beta access, thats more than enough for you!

    It's kind of like saying

    "Hi [Foreign country], we appreciate how in the past when we shipped our game to [foreign language] you bought it. To show our appreciation, when we release our new game in [local language] we're going to give you a bonus costume! How awesome is that!

    But no, we're still not porting our new game to [foreign language]."

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