Bungie Is Done With Halo: Reach, Now Focused On 'New Universe'

The next chapter in Bungie's development history is well underway, according to its new publisher Activision. With Halo: Reach having "gone gold", the team responsible for Halo (until now) is shifting its focus.

Activision execs said during today's investor call that "the majority of the Bungie team has moved into their new space and is now focused on crafting their new universe." That new action game, Bungie says, is something totally new. Unfortunately, we won't hear any concrete details about that new universe this year, the developer says.

Bungie executive producer Joseph Tung tells the Sydney Morning Herald that Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360 is "pretty much in the can", done in plenty of time for its September release. The developer plans to support Reach post-launch.


    Fantastic news here. As long as they provide their full support for reach's multiplayer over the years, I'll be happy.

    Can't wait tp see what they're working on next.

    I have no doubt that Bungie will give Reach its support like it has with Halo 3 for so long.
    They're going OUT with a bang with Reach and offering so much. I don't see them dishing it out then leaving their meal go cold.

    I can't wait for DLC releases even if I don't have the actual game yet. I just hope for things like extra Firefight maps, Multiplayer maps... it's going to be epic!

    So excited for new Bungie things. Ugh its just the Activision part thats kills me inside.

    Since Bungie is with Activision, any chance they'll make a Starcraft: Ghost FPS kinda game since Blizzard is with Activision too or am I only dreaming =(

      I hadn't thought of that. It would be pretty epic.

      But I'm pretty sure Bungie has said they're working on a completely new IP.

      I was thinking more along the lines of Bungie will be shoved with the task of churning out Call of Duty titles every other year from now on...

    I was really hoping for an ODST-style Contact Harvest game, but I guess this is better :P

    I guess.

      343 Industries is going to make halo stuff, so i hope they make this

    Starcraft: Ghost, Starcraft: Marine, Starcraft: Firebat, Starcraft: Mar Sara. Think of the possibilities! They'd never run out of content :p

      Starcraft: SVC City (game based on creating thriving citys and be the city major) and starcraft: the Zergs (control your zerg and everything about his life. If you loved EA's sims you will love the Zergs)

    Bungie + activision (now owned by blizzard) = awesome possibilities...

    MMO pls kthbai

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