Bungie Plans Serious Penalties For Reach Ragequitters

If you're one of those who dashboards out of multiplayer after getting backstabbed or headshot three times, take note: Bungie told Xbox 360 Achievements that it wants to remove ragequitters from the population so they won't ruin everyone else's fun.

Brian Jarrard, the Bungie community director, said the measures will be "one of the new things people will be excited about. [Ragequitting]isn't exactly cheating, but it creates a really negative experience for everybody else in the game."

Jarrard didn't get much more specific, just said that they have advanced ragequit recognition heuristics to make sure they're not cracking down on people who accidentally drop their net connection. The penalties themselves were not discussed, so it's unclear whether this is a ban, a timeout, or a special temper-tantrum lobby where ragequitters can ragequit on each other.

"We actually have new tools now to detect that and eventually, people who do this habitually will actually be penalized," Jarrard said, "We want to be able to remove them from the population so they can't make everyone else keep having a bad time."

Just so long as I can still ragequit out of singleplayer.

Bungie Clamping Down On Quitters In Reach [Xbox 360 Achievements via VG247]


    I think this is a mistake. I think I'd rather have those that are having a bad time and getting angry quit and chill instead of being forced to hang around and spending their time swearing at everyone or something. There comes a time when it would be better for them to just quit and go chill for a bit.
    And yes somethimes people do get picked on in online games (I know folks who will pick a certain player on the opposition and just go after him constantly)
    Trying to force someone to keep playing when it is no longer fun just seems like a bad idea to me.

      It says "habitually", which sounds to me like rage quitting quite often. Personally, I don't see how anyone can justify rage quitting at all, but this system won't punish someone whose internet drops out occasionally, or someone who just had one really bad game and quit just that once.

      Besides, they've discussed this before - the only punishment is a 10 minute timeout.

        Then no problem...
        If they are raging they could probably use a time-out

    I'm guessing a 'time-out' style short ban. Didn't they already talk about doing this for some other sort of negative behaviour? Like a 15/20 minute ban for players.

    Personally I have to say this concerns me a little. Depending what they mean on 'habitually', I can see a lot of 'innocent' people being upset by this system. Everyone 'ragequits' now and then.

    I like to consider myself reasonably level-headed and I have never 'ragequit' in the conventional sense, but sometimes I play games when I'm stressed out to try to calm down. If you then get brutally annihilated by a skilled or lucky opponent repeatedly, then this experience may not exactly be condusive to relaxation when you're already aggitated. In this case, I generally quit. I'm never rude to people about it, but I will leave the game.

    I can also see issues arising when hackers come into play. While I am sure Bungie is taking great measures to counter cheaters, it would be naive to assume they will be 100% successful. If cheaters become a major problem in a server, I can see a lot of people 'ragequitting' after being killed repeatedly by the same person.

    Furthermore, such a measure is likely to cause upset players to continue playing rather than discourage them from getting angry. If I knife an opponent I would rather he leave the game than hang around swearing at people or launching silly vendettas.

    I wonder if they'll see being disconnected as the same as rage quitting? If so, then we're in for some fun times ahead :|

    The problem is that if these punishments are bad enough, then people will suddenly start having more "net drop outs" instead. At that point won't it be hard to differente between ragequitters and people with legitimate network connection issues?

    I love this. In a game like halo, where you can't have people join up to fill gaps left by rage quitters, this is the kind of action I'd love to see in all games to improve the quality of the overall game. Especially when games are 4v4 or less, losing a player is a garaunteed bad match for the team with one less player, and even for the winning team, as it's just a one sided hunt, which is no challenge for anyone. The current punishment for a quit is a count of a loss against your stats, but this person has already decided this as an enivitablility, and then forces a loss on up to a possible 3 other people, and with Reach, this could be up to 7 other players.

    Seems the ragequitters are getting all angry over this...

    And this is only a problem because because you cannot join a game in progress like you would on an PC title with dedicated server support. With Title Update 6 Gears of War 2 now has "Social" matches which let you join games already in progress and quit without penalty. With any luck Gears 3 and other popular franchises will develop this further and possibly down the track we may get our dollars worth from LIVE.

    I've suffered enough from Ragequitters to be delighted at the news, I've had three people on my team quit in a 4v4 which has resulted in me being hunted like a lame fox and teabagged into oblivion on the very slow crawl to fifty kills for the other team.

    Bitter that I can't quit myself for fear of being penalised.

    But anything that stops people from messing up the experience is a good thing in my book. Now if you could apply a filter so I only play with people who suck worse than me at Halo.

    Is it a ragequit when I'm tired and tell myself one more game but do terribly so I drop out midway through? Because I only do that when I'm really tired and see no need to stay through the long matches if I'm doing poorly.

    eh, I never leave a game unless someone is quite obvious with their cheating and kills the game. A slight switch in tact usually changes my mood and I get back to try to even the play field.

    First of all, I didn't read all the comments all the way through, so apologies if someone already mentioned something along these lines. I think they should have some kind of punishment for people who constantly leave lobbies after two seconds of entering. If everyone who did that just waited a bit longer, the lobby would be full sooner rather than later.

    I don't know Halo but from the sounds of it people can't join during a match...wouldn't it make a hell of alot more sense to just allow that instead?

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