Call Of Duty: Black Ops On PC Will Have Mod Tools

Perhaps seeking to undo some of the damage done to the Call of Duty franchise on the PC wrought by Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch has revealed that Black Ops will feature mod tools.

What these will be, we don't know. How they'll work, we don't know. When they'll be out, well, we don't know that either, as Treyarch say they're too busy finishing the game right now, and the tools will have to be released once Black Ops is on store shelves.

But mod tools are coming.

Alongside the mod tools reveal, Treyarch also confirm that a dev console will be present in the PC version of the game, so at the very least there'll be some cheats and minor tweaking to be had come release day.

Between this and a pledge for an improved server situation, Treyarch are certainly talking the talk when it comes to mending bridges with the PC community.

[Black Ops, thanks everyone who sent this in!]


    YES!!! Love life. I love games with mod support. Helps keep them alive longer and i think people get a good feeling playing on a map made by an every day person instead of a proffesional. I mean look at css, still alive cos of the sdk made available to the public.

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