Call Of Duty Developers Have Had Enough Of World War II

Call of Duty developers Treyarch, a studio that made its name developing World War II games, is done with World War II. Phew.

Having developed first Call of Duty 3 and then Call of Duty: World at War, the team behind the upcoming Black Ops has all but ruled out a return to the 20th century's most important conflict, Treyarch's Josh Olin telling SPOnG "For us, I don't think we would go back because we've done a lot of World War II."

"I'm not saying that the genre's done. It would be important that, if there ever were to be another game set in the World War II era, it would have to be something that's fresh and new. You still have to by (sic) that code and do something players haven't seen before."

"So, World at War was one example of that. We brought the players for the first time to the South Pacific to fight the imperial Japanese army. It was a different game to the other World War II shooters in the franchise. So, as long as there's new experiences people will still play them."

You hear that, world? More WWII games are OK, so long as there are new experiences.

Interviews// Call of Duty: Black Ops - Josh Olin [SPOnG, via Go Nintendo]


    I'm just waiting for someone to make Call of Duty: Future Warfare.

      I'm waiting for someone to make Call of Duty: Ancient Warfare, where stone age men throw rocks at each other and unlock the dinosaur rush 3-kill streak. Or use the 'larger rocks' perk, to cause even more damage. Heck if you're really pro you might even get a 5-kill streak and war-cry in a Pterodactyl bomber to lay down some hail from above :D.

        +1, i'd buy it

    Isn't this one of the things that Infinity Ward exploded over? Nice that Treyarch gets to say "We'd rather not do WWII" but Infinity Ward can't...?

    Call Of Duty: Custer's Last Stand...

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