Call Of Duty Map Packs Downloaded Over 20 Million Times

Complain about the cost of Call of Duty map packs all you want; it doesn't stop Activision charging a ton for them, and it's certainly not stopping people from buying them.

The publisher revealed today that over 20 million map packs for the Call of Duty franchise have now been sold. That's not just Modern Warfare, it's for the entire franchise, but boh oh boy, 20 million. That's a lot, and given the relative recency of downloadable content, you'd have to imagine most of those are derived from the two Modern Warfare games (though Activision did not discloses an individual breakdown).

Some may say that accounts for 20 million suckers (or 5-10 million suckers who are repeat offenders), and on a good day I'd be prone to agree, but really, nobody forced them all to buy it. It just goes to show for all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that goes on in gaming forums and websites, there are untold masses out there perfectly content with paying $US15 for a handful of maps.


    Seriously - it makes me sick to my stomach, now activision is going to try their luck again say this time though with 2 new maps and 1 old rehash for the same price and they will most likely still get similar numbers. Would not be surprised if i saw a bigger rip off DLC in Black Ops.

    However i think it is luck that this seems only to generally apply to the COD franchise because of the so many casual and mindless FPS zombies that play it and if that kind of prices for that amount of content was pulled on almost any other game it simply would not sell.

      they are not mindless zombies. that is extremely short sighted. just because the games industry is of little interest to someone, does that make them mindless zombies. they go with a game they trust and have no concern about the politics involved behind the scenes.

      get your head out of your @ss. why would you even care how many it sold? if they want to waste their money time and again then that is their right to. the games industry has become like religion. even to the point of sticking horns on koticks head. personally i don't like the franchise but i don't really care how many maps it sells, i get my BFBC2 maps for free.

    Yeah it's a little pricey for sure but when I think about the hours and hours of entertainment I have got out of COD:MW2 it is excellent bang for my buck.

    I've purchased the game and all 3 map packs for MW2 which makes it a total of about $150 AUD but considering I have clocked up 3.5 days of game time then it's some of the cheapest entertainment money can buy...and 3.5 days is tiny compared to a lot of other players.

    If you compare it to going to the movies ($15-$20 for 2 hours of entertainment) then the charge is easily justifiable.

      If you compare it to going to the movies, sure, but if you compare it to other games, then you see the problem.

      Team Fortress 2 costs - at worst - $20.

      And for that 20 bucks, you get new maps, new weapons, new costumes (well, hats), new modes, etc.

      All free.

      $20 seems a lot more agreeable to most wallets than $150, I would think.

      3 map packs, are you a robot sent back from the future?
      I play a lot of MW2 and I've only seen two map packs (Stimulus and Resurgence).

    Stopped me!

    For a 1/4 of the games price i expect more, A Lot fracken more!

    Both map packs = almost the price of say borderlands, which i would get a lot more bang for buck!

    fuck kottick and fuck his fucken overpriced maps :)


      I'm such a nerd

        yea pitty it had to end :( Stargate universe is filling some of the void it left :)

    I only got them because if i didnt it would have restricted the number of playlists i could join, seeing as so many people get them anyway.

    $40,000,000 off DLC, jesus christ
    (saying each pack cost $20 at most)

    i didn't buy any of the map packs, for the simple reason i would have to spend $20 for three new maps.

    to me thats not much at all. certainly not value for money.

    the reason i wouldn't buy those maps is because for the same amount of money i could pick up a entire game for.

    for the last couple of months i have picked up a heap of games for next to nothing.

    i picked up darksiders for $28, rdr for $0(game trade in one for one deal, ironically mw2) and bayonetta for $18 just to name a few.

    when i can get alot of good games for less or a small amount more then $20 there is simply no contest in my mind.

    At least Treyarch offered 3 new Maps plus a Zombie map aswell.
    Infinity Ward dish out i think its 4 maps for a much higher price than World at War maps and not even offer anything for Spec Ops which is kinda like a poor version of Nazi Zombies.

    I'm so looking forward to Black Ops even though its Activision, cause well, Treyarch actually treat there fans a little better. Infinity kinda don't. But yeah Treyarch's upcoming map packs will prob be 1200 now aswell, but I had some fun times with World at War.

      I doubt this is a IW/Treyarch issue and more an Activision issue. COD6 sold so much that they probably could have charged another $10 on the DLC and done even better.

      Guess we'll have to see Black Ops DLC to find out as I could be wrong.

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