Can Video Of Tony Hawk Shred Make You A Fan?

You may be older than the target market for Activision and Robomodo's next Tony Hawk game, but perhaps video of Tony Hawk Shred will bring out the kid in you.

First footage of Shred in action certainly makes it look like a capable entry in the series. The biggest question mark is how well that skateboard peripheral will work when the game ships later this year.

Tony Hawk Shred Game Trailer [Yahoo Games]


    might actually be a little bit fun... if you didn't have to you that god damned terrible board... i mean seriously, whoever thought this was a good idea should be slapped across the head...

    ...I'm looking at you TONY!

    It seems to be thought out better than Ride but of course this is a trailer and they only show the BEST bits. I like that you actually turn and stuff for 360s. Adding snowboarding is a good idea. Honestly, I like snowboarding games but there hasn't been a really good one for a long time now.

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