Can We Keep Our Pants On During The Chrono Trigger Covers, Please?

A person named Carson Mauthe has done a cover of the Chrono Trigger battle theme. He has filmed a video of himself playing the guitar, the Rock Band drums and flailing around in his underwear.

That being said, he did create a nice cover.

Role-playing game Chrono Trigger was originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan in 1995.

Thanks Jason for the tip!


    Very cool. Just keep your shirt on next time.... and your pants.

      I think that the only person to wear pants and shirts while listening to Chrono Trigger music or even while playing the game would have been you.

      One hell of a sexy game i might say.

    What the... Carson getting street cred now on Kotaku? His band is called Against Belief for the record. He's a regular on the Mega64ums, and has covered several of Garrett's Slowdraw tracks.

      Hell yeah!

    Stay classy...

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