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Got a witty caption for this Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days screenshot? Leave it in the comments below.


    "I told you not to charge in just after they waxed the floor..."

    Geez! All I said was 'You're five minutes late, don't we get the pizza for free?'....

    The measures you have to take to keep Jahova's witnesses away from your house are just ridiculous these days...

    Unfortunately Geoff Gerstmann could not hide forever and vengenence was theirs.

    He always was more relaxed when it came to killing...

    ....eventually the 'Jacob vs Edward' arguement went the way they always do...

    "Maybe if you weren't wearing sunglasses indoors you would of seen that spill..."

      Got my vote.

    It's Jamie foxx

    "We're like those brothers from the Bible - Kane and Disabled..."

    "We're getting too old for this sh*t."

      haha! love it.

    "Larry, stop pointing that f***ing gun at my dad!"

    "Jesus Kane! I bend over for two seconds to pick up my smokes and you've already started a F#$king gunfight!"

    Lynch: m8 why isnt the gun shooting??
    Kane: How many times should i tell u!!!!press the TRIGGER!!!!!

    "No, you cannot burrow some sugar".

    How can anyone wax the fucking carpet?!

    Get down on it, come on and
    Get down on it - if you really want it
    Get down on it - you gotta feel it
    Get down on it - get down on it, get down on it
    Come on and get down on it, baby, baby
    Get down on it - get down on it - get down on it.

    At the very least you all now have that song stuck in your head! muahaha

    Pew! Pew! Pew!

    Damn, It's not the pizza delivery guy.

    No you cannot read my copy of Swank!

    "That's not what I meant when I said Let's floor it!"

    "Grrr, Lynch you idiot! You're not suppose to use REAL guns with Kinect" Better call Samsung to see if the warranty's up on that TV set.

    "We told you, we DON'T won't to talk about Jeff Gerstmann!"


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