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Got a witty caption for this Warhammer 40K: Space Marine screenshot? Leave it in the comments below.


    Never bring an axe to a gun fight....

    "See, the safety's on, nothing to worry abou- oops."

    The space marine shocked and amazed locals with his "disappearing head" trick.

    He always preferred shooting at close range, despite the sword hanging from his belt.

    The Ketchup gun was in need of some serious nerfing.

    Boom headshot

    He'll never be the HEAD of a major organisation
    That's not a good way to get aHEAD
    Not a good times to LOOSE ONES HEAD

    and so on.. :P

      Best movie ever...

    He lost his head in the anticipation.

    'I come in peace- Shot to kill.'

    And incase you don't get the reference:

    You said you WANTED more dakka!

    It's ok, he still has his 6+ Armor Save to roll.

      actually... bolters automatically penetrate a 6+ armour save :P

      pity too, it looks like he just came out of cover.. there was an easy 5+ there...

    This is what Gillard did to Rudd

      I lol'ed... but also true.

    After man years of Space marines in Video games, a bolter shell FINALLY explodes the way it was meant to

    "... and then ... I got out my space pistol ... and his head went one way and his guts went the other!"

      I got it :)

      Me too :) I lol'd.

    This may not be a screenshot from Too Human 2 but don't you wish it was?

    Once again:

    Pew! Pew! Pew!

    I SAID NO! I do not want fries with my meal.

    A space marine shot an ork in the head, whilst a second ork continues to close the gap between said space marine.

    Why is your face red all of a sudden?

    1 little, 2 little, 3 little orkians.

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