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Got a witty caption for this Winter Sports 2011 screenshot? Leave it in the comments below.

[Thanks to GamespotAU]


    "As you can see, the upcoming WWE 2011 title has more customisable wrestlers than ever..."

    After much public demonstration the yetis not only got off the "does not exist list" but onto the olympic team 2011.

    Yeti Sports - Revenge of the Yeti.


    sorry.. i couldn't help it..

    The Video Game Classification board unveils it's new mascot......CENSOR YETI!


      i know its not a comp... but you win!

        I agree.


    "You're too big to fit in here!"

    I'm the Wampa!
    I'm the Snowman!
    And I don't take any lip from no man!

    Muppet to Muppeteer: "The hand's up the other a** now, b*tch."

    The Canadian SasCrotch strikes again !!

      AHAHHAHAHAAH Quality call there Bukkake!!
      Shame there's no prize though.

    Tenacious D - Papagenu

    "...and yet he is my papa and he wants to protect MEEE!"

    MOVE WOMAN! Im sure i just saw a penny on the floor!

    Also somewhat reminds me of this:

    Sasquatch must be real, there's one in my pants right now.

    Today Nintendo announced that they will be releasing a new Donkey Konga game to coincide with the 2010 Winter Olympics

    You won't find any nuts in there!

    Cadbury's new "Hairy Hand" campaign took a destubing turn.

    "Im sure I saw my brother down here earlier..."

    So thats what effing happens when I push X instead of Y!!!??!!

    Clearly Michael misheard Cathy when she siad, "Landed on my Thumb"

    Isnt that what got that ABC guy in trouble??

    I know I left my watch around here somewhere

    dont worry, im a doctor

      Argh, don't worry... I be a doc-tarr!

      (Family guy reference right?)

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