Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Looking Like Some PlayStation Greats

Earlier today we told you that the next big Castlevania game might remind you, from time to time, of Shadow of the Colossus or Uncharted. These screens show why:

Here is the game looking like Shadow of the Colossus:

Here is the game looking like Uncharted:

And here is the rest of the new shots released by Konami for the new game:

Check out Kotaku's hands-on preview of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow's first chapter (and a little of the second) to learn more about how this game plays. It's still got Castlevania elements, even if it may not look it from these shots.


    From the very first trailer I thought it looked alot like God Of War, which I have no issues with...

    Now large scale bosses like SotC and/or DMC, plus abit of Uncharted...

    Even though it's a Castlevania game, it looks like it will go largely unnoticed when it comes out in October.

      Actually.. i don't really see why "giant bosses" would be out of place on Castlevania.

      The whole series has had a crapload of giant monsters and bosses so it's not really out of place to have them there. I think it's just that SotC did the whole "BIG BOSS 3d Monster" so well and first that any big monster + weak point gets connected to SotC

        It's not "big monster + weak point", it's big monster + climbing on monster to get to weak point.

    Is it weird that I get aroused every time I see the words "Shadow of the Colossus"?

    This game will be off the hook! Been waiting a long while for this.

    Until seeing these screenshots I thought this game was a God of War copy in the Castlevania universe.

    Now I am at paying attention to this game. Looks a little Prince of Persia as well.

    I hope the plaftforming is more POP than GOW.

    Console games are really picking up steam now.

    Damn... gotta say, this is looking mighty impressive!

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