Catch All This Pokemon Info


    best 5 minutes of learning i have spent in a while!!

    i never knew the voice actor for ash was the same as April!! i didn't even know Ash was voiced by a woman! neat!

    *gets all nostalgia giddy*

      Unfortunately, most children in animated series are voiced by women, probably because their voices change less.
      Still, it's good to see such an iconic western voice actress found more work.

    really only 30 new ones in the next set of games thats rather a weak showing(i also seem to remember there was meant to be way more so it adds a sense of discovery

      only 30 have been confirmed so far. There might be 150 new ones, hell there might be, 500 new ones. But at the moment only 30 have been confirmed, so thats all we can say with confidence are coming.

      There will be AT LEAST 30 new Pokémon added to the list.

      Considering how they're planning to make this a new experience for old and new players alike, they're going to reveal way more before the release.

        considering you cant capture old pokemon till the end of the game, there better be more than 30.

      "at least"

        i know it says at least 30 but seriously as if they haven't said there will be x amount here is 30 official ones

        saying theres at least 30 just seems like a bad way to promote things

        i expect that each new series should have at least a 100 new pokemon(which given the old days means they'd need like 30-40 new species with evolutions attached

        especially since the games only 2 months from launch surely they have mentioned something a little more specific

        note: in future i should word things better :P

          Am I the only one sick of the new pokemon? I just can't be bothered keeping up any more, and some of them are just really weak.

            I think people are just unfamiliar with factual reporting. Instead of assuming something or glossing over the truth, the creator of that little blurb had a refreshing simple statement of fact. At least 30 new pokemon confirmed. If only journalists and bloggers could take her lead and leave the assuming and speculating up to us.

    I beleive it's all new pokemon in Black and White. So it's more like at least 100. Although I am not a fan of the starter designs.

    LOL! anyone notice a woman voice acts ash?!

      A woman also voices Bart from The Simpsons

      It's probably because if they use a male for a prepubescent male their voices are too deep, of if they use a young male for the voice acting they risk having their balls drop while the series is still running

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