Choose Your Own Fable III Villager

Get a head-start on populating the world of Fable III with the Fable III Villager Maker, an easy way to add a new non-player character to your game without having to be a virtual slut.

If you played Fable II like I did, by the time the game was over, 80 per cent of the non-player characters in the game were related to you somehow. Well you don't have to be the Genghis Khan of Albion to populate Fable III, thanks to a quick and dirty little character generator you can find right now at

The character maker establishes your NPC's gender and then asks a series of questions to determine his or her personality. After that you choose a face and some clothes, and presto, Lady Dave is born.

You can share your creations on Facebook and Twitter, but only by pre-ordering the game at participating retailers will you get the code allowing you to import the character into Fable III when it launches later this year. That means once the game comes out, I can sleep with Dave. It's just like Weird Science, only I don't have to wear my underwear on my head.

Don't like Dave? Head over to the creator and see if you can do better.


    i ordered from EB... is EB one of those participating.

      I ordered mine from EB online and recieved a code for it in Australia, but the web page doesn't seem to do anything once everything has been entered, it just freezes.

    Any word on whether the pre-order code that allows you to add the villager into your game will be available in Australia?

    "The new "Village Maker," which launches today in the U.S. and U.K., and worldwide later this week, will allow users to create a special villager that will offer your hero a new quest and 1,000 gold reward during your play-through."

    All articles about this are referring to only the UK and the US, but details about picking the code up locally are pretty thin on the ground.

    This sounds cool - preordered from GAME (trade-in deal ftw), hope they are participating. The cynical side of me says they won't be, or that this is an EB/JB exclusive. Or even a US/UK exclusive.

    he he he.
    i made a poor lesbian prostitute named Slutty McSlut

    I was hoping for something like the flash game for Fable II (chicken suit? Yeah!) And this looks pretty good. If it's not available for Australia, though, I'll be annoyed.

    Also, I didn't know you were a lady, Dave!

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