Civilization V Will Be Available In Demo Form

I'd imagine most people picking up Civilization V will know exactly what they're getting themselves into, but just in case you don't, you can always check out the demo that will be released in September ahead of the game's release.

Actually, I'd imagine many people picking the game up regardless will be interested in seeing how the game's new hex-based map system - the single largest change to the series in its long history - works out.

No further info like a release date or how long it'll be was released, only a promise that those details are "coming soon".


    I'd have already preordered it but it's about ten million dollars on Steam (good ol' 2K) so I'll wait and import for a fraction of the price...

    Man I was so excited knowing Civ V was coming to Steam and agree with Mr Waffle. 2K's rorting on the steam price has kept me away, fingers crossed the demo will stick around until either a Steam sale or I can import it. Which really shows that the argument of higher prices on steam to protect local retailers is flawed.

      Worst part is it's only for us poor souls here is Aus. If you just go to the Steam store it's listed as $49.95 US, but as soon as you log in with your AU account and check out it jumps to $89.95 US. There's a word for people like that, and it begins with a C and ends with a sound that rhymes with grunt.

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