Civilization V's Demo Available Day Of Retail Release

Firaxis, the developer of Civilization V, said yesterday the game;s playable demo will be available on Sept. 21, the same day the title releases in North America, a reversal of promises it would be available before launch.

"At the time of that announcement, we expected to be able to get the demo out before the 21st, but unfortunately we weren't able to finalise it in the timeframe we had initially planned, and for that we're very sorry," the studio writes on the game's official site.

They reason there's still plenty of time to try-before-you buy, either in a retail store or online.

Civilization V Playable Demo Release Date [Official site]


    daw, I will be pre-ordering it pretty soon and I was really hoping to dig my claws into it before the actual game.

    I was hoping to try it out before it launches.

    Sooo who else is pulling a sickie on the 21st?

      ... and the 22nd... and the 23rd...

      have you never played a civ game before?

    I know this issue comes up a lot, and I've been excited by each piece of news on the new Civ game, buuuut... I've once again been dissapointed by the US to AU price differential.

    US = $49.99US
    AU = $79.00US

    $30USD difference, I could buy a whole other game for that, I could probably buy a tonne of Indie Games. Now I knwo none of those will match up to the late night, turns morning, turns day off work game play of Civ V. But $30 difference for a digital download which is the same product, I cannot support that and am votng with my wallet.

      Try this Ben:

      ~$63 AUD delivered.

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