Could You Play Modern Warfare 2 Without Killing Anyone?

And I don't mean in singleplayer. I mean multiplayer. Because Glen McCracken is doing just that, trying to reach the maximum level 70 in multiplayer without killing a soul.

How the hell is he going to do that? He uses a riot shield and flashbangs, and gets his XP from grabbing flags in the game's Domination mode.

So far he's reached level 11, having recorded zero kills for 272 deaths. That's a great achievement considering that both the shield and the flashbangs can kill if your target has low enough health when you whack them.

Best of luck, Glen. Because if there's one thing the world needs more than angry men with weapons, it's love.

UPDATED: Modern Warfare 2 Player Attempting To Reach Rank 70 Without Killing Anyone [Game Informer]


    Impressive. Good luck to him.

    Hopefully, this publicity will generate support for his cause, rather than ... the other thing.

    I've often played Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer without killing anyone. Not on purpose, though - I'm just sh*t at it.

      yeah and if peeps say your shit, just say your a peace warrior!!!

    You'd hate to get to Level 69 and accidentally kill someone with a flashbang...

      I suspect he will accidentally kill someone much sooner than that unfortunatly.

    unfortunately not possible, at the current rate of xp he's got (the higher the level the more xp needed to reach the next level) he's getting for the amount of deaths he's going to have to die around 10,000 times and not accidently kill someone...

      You've mixed up possibility with probability.

    As long as he doesn't, you know, play deathmatch, all the best. If he does, he's a dick, simple as that. No-one wants that guy on the team that doesn't kill, and is only killed, in deathmatch.

    lol, What a awesome way to waste your time, he must not have a day job. What's next for him? Pedaling a car?

      Maybe I'm missing something, but where did it say that he's playing non-stop? Sounds like he's playing on a normal schedule, in which case you're essentially saying that all gaming is a waste of time. One of the greatest joys in gaming is often in making your own challenges, and this is a pretty damn interesting one.

    i think this is to preoccupy him till BO lol. Good Luck to him, since 10th prestige is no longer a feat, i guess level 70 with 0 kills will be an even greater feat. I think i'll start a new account and not help my team till lv 70 :P

    He sure is easily occupied. I couldn't do it even to level 5. Oh well if he can manage anywhere near level 70 he'll just be putting up with a shithouse game for 10 times longer than I would.

    I say "Go Man GO!"
    God help you all if he decides to start pulling the trigger.
    His dodging skills will be sublime.
    He'll be like a greasy ferret that ya just can't catch.

    Saying that, I'm all for stupid challenges, played a game of L4D expert the other day, with "w" unbound. (for those of you that don't get it, that means no walking forward)

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