Crysis 2 Nano Edition Is Big, Official, For 'The Ultimate Crysis Fan'

Crytek's next first-person shooter adds the option to spend an obscene amount of money on a video game, thanks to Crysis 2's "Nano Edition", special package that comes complete with backpack.

Yeah, remember that leaked Crysis 2 bag? That's the Nano Edition of the game, different from the "Limited Edition" release of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC game.

The Limited Edition release of Crysis 2 will include bonus in-game experience points, the SCAR weapon skin, a weapon attachment and a unique platinum dog tag.

Those who go Nano will get a copy of Crysis 2, an 11-inch Prophet statue, an art book and the special Nanosuit backpack modelled after the in-game super suit. The Nano Edition includes the Limited Edition version of Crysis 2, so all those aforementioned goodies will be yours no matter which version you buy.

The Nano release will ship in "extremely limited quantities via pre-order only," EA says, for the premium asking price of $US149.99, £119.99 or €129.99.


    Would pre-order, if anyone was taking any preorders...

    I heard rumors the orgasmic edition was not coming to aus, I'm glad they were wrong!

    This will be mine


    how good is crysis 2

    Where can I put in a preorder for the nano edition???? EA website links to EBgames & JB hifi but none of them have pre-orders for nano edition and JB dont have pre-orders for any edition. Is nano edition coming to OZ? Where to pre-order for pc?

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