Crysis 2 Won't Make It Out This Year

Most recently scheduled for release before the end of 2010, perhaps even in the spring, EA has confirmed that Crysis 2 has been pushed to its fourth financial quarter, giving it a release window of January through March of 2011.

The news of the delay came today during EA's reporting of its first-quarter 2011 financial results. No specific reason for the delay was given, outside of a general changing of the phasing of Q3 and Q4 releases.

That's one less game to put on my Christmas list and one more title to spend my Christmas gift cards on.


    Not surprising really - i expected as much as they haven't even talked much about the game yet and the hype train has barely started. IMO a smart move.

    and this way they arent competing with black ops as much either

    They'll need more time to turn it from the tech demo it was on the consoles to actually getting that performance sustained throughout the game.

    Remember Crysis was fun until you got about half way and out of that alien ship and tree's, etc started not being destructible.

    Like the dev's ran out of time and just threw the game together to get it released - maybe this time, because it's on consoles - they'll need to make a better impression.

    It'll sell well on the consoles but fail on the PC because it'll be dumbed down from limitations put upon it.


    "It’ll sell well on the consoles but fail on the PC because it’ll be dumbed down from limitations put upon it."

    Dumbed down by what? Difficulty? I do not see who that can be the case. If a game is designed well, it will work on *any* platform be it a PC, XBox 360 or (dare I mention it) the Atari 2600.

    That aside, I think I know why they pushed the release date back: it has finally occured to them that not everyone has a Beowolf cluster or space on Amazon EC2 thus are waiting for PC hardware to catch up.

      Dumbed down due to lack of buttons on the gamepad, and forced simplification of combat. What was the last serious military shooter or flight sim to be released on console??? IL2 Sturmovik, Operation Flashpoint? Any game worth its weight in "realism" (Racers set aside) needs more buttons than a gamepad allows for.

        Or the developers could be creative and learn how to make the experience match based on the controller limitations.

          Why limit the unlimited its like telling chuck norris not to kick so hard

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