Dawn Of War II Finally Lets You Play As Some Aliens

Dawn of War II has featured a few of Warhammer 40K's alien races, but they've never been playable in the game's singleplayer campaigns. That's about to change.

In early 2011, Relic and THQ will release Dawn of War II: Retribution, a new expansion for Dawn of War II that features a campaign letting you play through a story-driven campaign as multiple alien races.

The first of these to be revealed is the Orks, but since Dawn of War II has also featured races like the Tyranid and Eldar, you'd expect them to show up - and be playable - as well.

In addition to this turnaround, Retribution will also have stuff like new units and maps, while THQ also promises an "entire new playable faction". I take that to mean a race will be playable we've never seen in Dawn of War II before, since Dawn of War had almost everyone by the time its expansions dried up. Here's hoping it's the Tau!


    Waaaagh! Can't wait to play as the Orks! I hope they add the Imperial Guard as the new faction, it'd be interesting to have such fragile troops

      They were already in the first dawn of war (winter assaut expansion) and they weren't that great.

        That's because you didn't know how to use them.

        Although you do tend to get raped if you got attacked early. I can't wait to play as the Guard again.

        My Leman Russ hopes to prove you wrong.

    I'm very much interested in playing the Eldar.

    I really hope that is isnt the imperial guard or any other human race. Its a sci fi game... why put so many human "races" in...
    Im hyped :D

    I didn't know that the Orks were scottish...

    I hope it's not Tau. Tau were so hopelessly overpowered in the last series that they broke multiplayer. I mean come on, a unit that has jetpacks AND the ability to cloak, and could raze buildings to the ground in a minute, tops.

    I don't know how you had problems with that honestly, turrets covering your base at least in vulnerable spots where they had to come through and the stealthsuits were all but useless

    But I do agree on the Guard, the bloody Basilisks had unbeleivable range forced you to get close to their bloody leman russes and baneblade while your units got pounded into the ground

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