DC Universe Online Trailer Gives You A Choice

DC Universe Online Trailer Gives You A Choice

In this new trailer from Gamescom, SOE lets you be a saviour or destroyer of the DC Universe.


  • Hm, I was looking forward to this game until this trailer. From what I can see here it is going to be little more than WoW / CoH / Champions in new clothing.

    IMO if they are making an MMO about super heroes they should be re-thinking exactly how damage is dealt. Does superman just stand there stagnant and punch someone over and again? No, he throws them through buildings, across skylines etc. Does batman? No, he avoids hits and moves around in the shadows. With these character you could make combat a game of cat and mouse, about controlling the flow of the battle.

    So in short, they need to re-think the battle system to be more than a glossy version of a style created way back in Everquest.

    Back then it made the most sense because it saved bandwidth, but c’mon. Maybe it will have to wait till the next gen (and have a no-name MMO become popular from the new system before they put it into a high profile IP).

  • I think it would be really cool if they properly followed through on the “I am the next legend” bit. Imagine, instead of everyone joining being equal, certain player created characters, through virtue of their deeds, become legends for everyone. Obviously this would mean you’d have to give tasks to individuals rather than everyone. Maybe you could give them to people who happened to be in the right place, at the right time. Maybe it’s a reward for being the first to find an object.

    If there is anything TF2 has taught me it’s that people don’t object to others getting a different game experience. As long as they get what they pay for and everyone has an equal chance…

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