Dead Rising 2 Gets Another Special Edition

Not content with one limited edition that comes with interchangeable zombie heads, Capcom has revealed a second Dead Rising 2 limited edition for Australia. This one comes with a Zombrex syringe.

The cunningly-titled Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Edition arrives September 30, alongside the Outbreak Edition and standard release, and will retail for $AU119.95 RRP.

It comes with the Dead Rising 2 game, a “Making of Dead Rising 2” DVD and a Zombrex syringe pen, and is all packaged up in a spiffy steelbook case, pictured.

Capcom has also officially confirmed the three preorder offers available at retail, which you can score with all three editions of the game.

EB Games * "Preorder and receive the Ninja Costume DLC Pack. Stealthily slice your way through the zombie hordes. Not only does Chuck get the complete Ninja outfit, he also gains exclusive new abilities, such as expert throwing skills and Ninja-like attacks with bladed weapons."

GAME * "Preorder and receive an exclusive Zombie figurine taken straight from the streets of Fortune City! Stands 9.5 cm tall complete with poker chip base."

JB Hi-Fi * "Preorder on PlayStation 3 and receive an exclusive Dead Rising 2 Dynamic Theme. High quality custom visuals from the Dead Rising 2 video game bring your PS3 desktop to life!"

* "Preorder on Xbox 360 and receive a pack of three Dead Rising 2 Avatar items to give your 360 that Dead Rising feel. Dress your online personality up with Dead Rising 2 props, including Chuck’s legendary “IJIEK” yellow biker Jacket, Chuck’s Jeans and one of Chuck’s favourite combo weapons - the “Super Slicer” - constructed from a Servbot head and a lawnmower."

You'll notice that EB, GAME and JB each get some exclusive stuff, with JB even splitting theirs between PS3 and 360. So pay attention otherwise you might miss out on the swag you really wanted.


    theres also a $168 outbreak edition at eb. what a waste of $$$

      This post links to news of the Outbreak Edition in the opening paragraph.

        Apparantely the 360 version is sold out now though :( Last I checked there were still a few copies of the PS3 version...

          Been looking for one all week, the bastards at EB put my money on the Zombrex edition rather then the Outbreak... now they are sold out!!

    Hmm I do like steelbook cases but making of dvds are on top of the "Shit no one wants" list.
    A model syringe would be less tacky than a novelty pen as well.

    Whoever goes to JB for the Dynamic Theme is a bit of a stooge, no offense.

    ARGH Game signed me for the "steelbook" edition which I am guessing is Zombrex edition instead of the outbreak edition last week and I'd specifically asked them for the zombie with changeable heads... don't ask why I just need it ok...


    I can't choose which edition I want and whether I want it from EB games or Game. I would love to get the zombie figure in the outbreak edition but the zombrex edition with its syringe looks really cool. I'd also like to get the zombie out fit in game but I like buying my games from Game rather then EB. Maybe I'll buy the zombrex edition from Game so I get a cool looking case and syringe as well as a zombie figure but then I'll miss out on the ninja costume.

      I've got the exact same problem. I want ninja goodness but I don't trust EB. What to do what to do.

    Am I the only one who is not bought with all of these editions?

    For one they're freakin over-priced, and two, they've got nothing interesting... I mean something that you can't use other than for putting on a table/shelves.

    Sure this one have a pen which you can use, but it's going to be hard find place where you safely store it, due to its big ass size.

    Last year has better "limited editions" with AC2 they have a long sleeve shirt/jacket and Uncharted 2 have free bag.

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