Dead Rising 2 PAL Release Date Moved Up

Good news, everyone (in Europe and Australasia)! Dead Rising 2's release date in these regions has been brought forward to September 24.


    Haha, now we get it before anyone else in the world :P

      I actually did read it like this! Probably didn't help that I had Futurama on in the background. ^^

    Sweet! now to get some more points so i can buy the prequel once it comes out!

    Good news for consumers, bad news for the publisher!

    Have they heard of Halo?

    Haha I was forced to take leave and one of the weeks submitted falls rather nicely into this release!

    Great news. Looks like the 360 is in for a work out again in Sept with both this and Reach.

    Yay, now I get it on my birthday. :D

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