Dead Space 2: It's Like The End Of Point Break, Only, In Space

This short sequence from Dead Space 2 was shown at the end of the game's time during EA's GamesCom press conference. That small, blurry footage, however, didn't do the insanity justice.

Here it is in a proper clip, where you can truly appreciate what's happening. You are being shot through space, through destroyed buildings, so that you land on top of a city floating sideways. In space.

You wouldn't think you could "fall" in zero-gravity, but that's exactly the sensation on offer here.


    Whoa that was pretty cool... Fakkin epic right there.

    I know this is going to sound pedantic but here goes.

    Actually the weightlessness of falling is probably the best way to experience zero gravity:

    I hate to think what the laws of physics say about the landing though. I hope he decelerates over a reasonable distance.

    Still epic though.

    I remember that scene. Where the sweaty Patrick Swayze shouts "You want me so bad it's like acid in your mouth!" to the greenhorn Keanu Reeves. Damn that movie was unintentionally homoerotic.

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