Xbox Horror Game Banned In Australia, Or Is It? [Updated]

The Xbox 360 survival horror game Deadly Premonition has been refused classification in Australia, according to the game's distributor.

Distributor All Interactive Entertainment told Kotaku that the Classification Board rejected the game this week due to unspecified content. The game's publisher Rising Star Games will not being making changes to that content in order to qualify for an MA15+ rating, the highest possible rating in Australia's classification scheme.

We have requested the Classification Board's report on the title and will reveal those details once we have it.

UPDATE: Well, this story has taken a curious twist! The Board has just informed Kotaku that they have no record of Deadly Premonition having been submitted for classification. We're trying to verify that with the game's distributor. Stay tuned!

UPDATE #2: We've received a statement from Rising Star Games on the matter. Check over here.

Deadly Premonition was developed by Japanese studio Access Games and released in Japan and North America earlier this year. Rising Star Games signed the title for release in PAL territories later this year. A cult classic in the making, Deadly Premonition has received mixed reviews but was praised by many for its quirky, Twin Peaks-inspired take on the horror genre.



    geez talk about mixed reviews. 100 from destructoid. 2/10 from ign.

    must be one of those love it or hate it games. seems to have gotten more positive reviews going by metacritic.

    would be worth looking at. pity we're not getting it

      From what I've heard, it's one of those "so bad it's GOOD!" type of deals.

      It was definately on my radar, hopefully it still makes it's way here.

    "Well, there's your problem. The guy's smoking, can't have that giving kids ideas that smoking's okay..."
    If the reason it's been rejected is because the main character smokes, Australia is in worse shape than I thought,

      I highly, *highly* doubt that's the reason.
      plenty of smoking characters in other games(although fewer titular characters). And lets not forget Solid Snake!

      the illusive man was constantly smoking in ME2.

    I guess a certain Let's Play is the only way I'll see the game formerly called "Rainy Woods".

    Probably just a PR stunt to boost sales.

    These updates, publisher says it's been refused, board says it hasn't been submitted is getting disturbingly frequent. Wasn't that what happened with that XLBA game as well. Are publishers trying to use the OFLC as a scapegoat when they can't be bothered releasing a game in Australia?

      Or are they just trying to drum up some free publicity?

        OR are they trying to bring the lack of an R18 rating back into the media spotlight, since it's basically now ignored in favour of the NBN discussion?

        Doubt it, actually.

      Yeah, I got a hit of deja vu reading this. I kept hoping we'd get this game, but to find out they don't even want to bother bringing it over...

      It's just terrible. Right, Zach?

    Another one to import.


      Just what the developer was hoping would be the result by lying to you!

        No it wasn't you fool. Aus prices are higher so why would they want even less profit?! Also it's not the developer but the distributor, learn to read.

          I really must learn that sarcasm doesn't show up well on the intramanetz...

    The advantage of having a US model 360 is I have the game sitting at home. I'm a couple hours in playing with a friend of mine. It's a must play if you're after something Twin Peaks inspired.

    Sounds like another studio tries the ol' "Australia rejected us!" trick. I hope it backfires on them (somehow).

    Not again... Devs/ pubs are just using our crappy classifiation system as an excuse not to submit games. You cant blame the OFLC if you didnt submit the game.

    Distributor All Interactive Entertainment told Kotaku that Deadly Premonition rejected the game this week due to unspecified content.

    How can a game reject itself?
    What, specifically, did all interactive say?
    Did they reject it because they thought it wouldn't make MA 15+, or did it get rejected under a different name?
    Was the board involved?


    There is nothing in the content of this game that would cause it to fail classification. Yeah it's a horror game (basically a campy budget homage to Twin Peaks) but no where near as visceral as God of War 3, Gears or Dead Space.

    I dare the distro is just fibbing.

    another case just like Blacklight Tango Down... the publisher is trying to generate interest in the game....

    A quick search of the OFLC website doesn't bring up anything for this game

      Their database is rarely updated immediately, so it's not always a reliable indicator. I'm waiting to hear more news from Rising Star's UK office overnight. Will update when I do.

    Whether it gets banned or not, I've been waiting too long for this game to get a PAL release and I'm going to import it from the UK.

    I've ordered the PS3 Japanese version from ebay for $30. I can't wait to for it to arrive.

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