Deadly Premonition Not Banned, But Still No Aussie Release

Rising Star Games has told Kotaku that due to classification concerns they have no plans to release Deadly Premonition in this country.

Earlier today we’d heard from Rising Star’s Aussie distributor All Interactive Entertainment that Deadly Premonition had been refused classification in Australia, effectively banning it from sale.

However, upon contacting the Classification Board, we were told that the game had never been submitted for classification. Thus, it could not be refused classification.

Rising Star has now supplied us with the below statement in order to clarify the situation:

“As part of our normal procedures in submitting any game for classification, it was determined internally at Rising Star Games that the game would not satisfy the criteria for an MA15+ rating in Australia and further that any changes to the game would not be possible. It was therefore decided, with regret, the game will not be released in Australia.”

So, bad news, I’m afraid. On the plus side, Rising Star is still releasing Deadly Premonition in Europe, so any 360 owners keen on the title will be able to import a PAL version later this year.

What the Rising Star statement doesn’t explain, though, is exactly what that content was that they determined would not satisfy the criteria for an MA15+ rating. I’ve not had the opportunity to play the game since it was released in Japan and the US earlier this year. If you have, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on what that content might be.

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