Deadly Premonition Not Banned, But Still No Aussie Release

Deadly Premonition Not Banned, But Still No Aussie Release

Deadly Premonition Not Banned, But Still No Aussie ReleaseRising Star Games has told Kotaku that due to classification concerns they have no plans to release Deadly Premonition in this country.

Earlier today we’d heard from Rising Star’s Aussie distributor All Interactive Entertainment that Deadly Premonition had been refused classification in Australia, effectively banning it from sale.

However, upon contacting the Classification Board, we were told that the game had never been submitted for classification. Thus, it could not be refused classification.

Rising Star has now supplied us with the below statement in order to clarify the situation:

“As part of our normal procedures in submitting any game for classification, it was determined internally at Rising Star Games that the game would not satisfy the criteria for an MA15+ rating in Australia and further that any changes to the game would not be possible. It was therefore decided, with regret, the game will not be released in Australia.”

So, bad news, I’m afraid. On the plus side, Rising Star is still releasing Deadly Premonition in Europe, so any 360 owners keen on the title will be able to import a PAL version later this year.

What the Rising Star statement doesn’t explain, though, is exactly what that content was that they determined would not satisfy the criteria for an MA15+ rating. I’ve not had the opportunity to play the game since it was released in Japan and the US earlier this year. If you have, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on what that content might be.


    • Bill, this is not entirely true.

      Yes, it’s region-free on PS3, like all PS3 games. However, the PS3 version was only released in Japan and Asia (with English voice acting but all in-game text is in Japanese – hardly ideal for most Australian players). The US only got the Xbox 360 version and it is not region-free.

      Also, plenty of people would say it is far from a bad game.

      • David, do you mean they NEVER modded English text into game…? I think some Asian PS3 titles- such as Genji- do have all the appearance of being non-English, even the slicks are all pictographic script, but game itself is more forgiving.

        Please dont say we have to buy a Euro X360 game.

  • …and not a single fuck was given that day.

    This developer obvious has deep emotional issues and couldn’t handle rejection cos it would hurt its wittle feelings.

    What they’re saying is “YOUR COUNTRY BANNED IT… and by banned it, we mean we didn’t submit it.”

    They have a point, why pay for the submittal process for a game nobody has ever heard of and probably won’t buy.

    Nice publicity attempt, but all they needed to do was slap a COD sticker on the cover.

    • Blackwater, I don’t think you’ve understood what happened here. (Understandable, given how confusing it is.)

      In summary: the game’s developer (that’s Japanese studio Access Games) has nothing to do with this situation. What has likely happened is a breakdown in communication between the game’s UK/European publisher (Rising Star) and Rising Star’s Australian distributor (All Interactive Entertainment).

      Rising Star had likely told AIE that the game would get refused classification if submitted. This was relayed to me (and other media) by AIE that the game had been refused classification, when it obviously had not. There was no ulterior motive, no publicity stunt, just a misunderstanding.

      Hope that makes sense.

      • Sounds to me more like they’re making excuses for not bothering to publish it here.
        Well, good thing I can import the Euro version, then.

  • I’ve seen a huge amount of press for this game actually, but unfortunately I doubt it would sell more than a handful of copies here.

    From what I understand it’s a crappy “game” but a unique and quirky experience. Often it’s either/or. The functional game side of Mass Effect was a bit crappy, but it was still the best interactive experience I’ve ever had.

    I believe Alpha Protocol is in the same boat, but I haven’t got around to playing that yet.

  • Just to clarify, now that this game is not getting a release in Australia. I can import it without problems, right? I know the reviews aren’t stellar, but the game looks like it’s worth checking out.

      • I don’t suppose you know what penalties are involved.

        An adult getting nabbed for importing a RC game and talking very loudly to the press might actually get the pollies to pull their heads out of their asses when it comes to the R18+ situation.

        Not that i’m considering it, well I sure as hell would have if Fallout 3 didn’t make it through.

  • Hey David, isn’t this the second game that has had this happen? Blacklight Tango said they were refused then you found that it had never sent it? ’cause this could be a worrying forbearer for things to come. I’m just concerned as a gamer and the fact we have gotten so close to specific games not being released and some terrible cut versions (I’m looking at you Left 4 Dead 2!!!)


    • No, in the case of Blacklight the US publisher was informed the game could not be rated because it was a purely online game with no offline component. The Board had only just changed their policy to allow online-only games to be rated, so the confusion was understandable. There was never any suggestion Blacklight had been refused classification.

  • I’m wondering if these guys assume that our Classifications board actually follow their own guidelines. There have been quite a few games that really shouldn’t have gone through on MA15+ that have… Giving our reviewers too much credit maybe 😛

  • This is actually a good thing. They can drive demand for the game using the internet, and by not submitting it, and not getting it RC-ed, there is nothing preventing some-one from importing.
    It does show a HUGE loophole in our ratings system, but it’s all legal, and customs can’t complain in the slightest.

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