Diablo III GamesCom Screens Stab Some Skeletons Right In The Face

Pardon us as we go a little Diablo III mad here this morning at GamesCom, with these screenshots rounding out Blizzard's contribution to today's events.


    The environments look drab and unpolished. It's still early yet, but they look like low res textures and barren & bland.

      I agree. The reveal trailer we saw almost a year ago now (the one in the library/catacomb) look MUCH better than this! The last screen and the second screen in particular look very, very bare.

      New Diablo media is usually a happy/sad moment for me (happy that it looks awesome, sad that it's going to be at least 2 years before I see the game), but this is just depressing :(

    It's been so long since I first saw images of this game that looked just like these ones. This doesn't excite me in the least any more. Maybe the unveiling of the 5th class at Blizzcon (lame) will generate some real interest.

    I'm more interested in Torchlight II tbh

    Diablo III? More like Torchlight II!

    Looks good, can't wait.

    Torchlight 2 looks better than this, plus has LAN. Screw Blizzarvision; I'm getting Torchlight 2!

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