Did Scott Pilgrim Actor Play Video Games While Filming?

As said on Reuters.


    I can't help but like him in everything I've ever seen him in.

    I didn't even KNOW Scott Pilgrim was getting a movie (yeah I live under a rock) until I read an interview with Cera that was specifically about the movie.

      Forgot to mention, that quote just makes it easier to like him,

    Pfft... get a real gamers console......

      A real gamers console? You're joking right??!?! If it wasn't for the NES you wouldn't be playing your "real gamers console" you speak of.

        +1 Matthew. Pff @ Kids.


          The dude played Contra and Battletoads for Pete's sake!

    Am I the only one that really does not like Michael Cera? He seems to play the exact same awkward nerdy teenager in every role he gets, and its a character that gets old really quick.

      That would make sense, Cera seems like an awkward, nerdy teenager himself.

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