Dirt 3 Rallies At The X-Games

Alright, I take back what I said about trashcan luge and moped biathlon. The X-Games are a strangely watchable sports spectacle, and a good platform for Codemasters to launch its official DiRT 3 trailer last night.

The trailer obviously showcases the changing environmental conditions you race under when the game releases next year. That last bit with the exploding tractor-trailer seems a bit overdone, but it seems to reference gymkhana, an extreme rally sport where course memorization is key and there's usually a major obstacle to navigate somehow.

[via VG247]


    Damn those americans. Damn them to hell. Imagine what dirt would be like now if CMR had continued on in its merry way... No pandering to the american market, just long rally stages. CMR05 almost had it right, multi stage runs, some repair work (could have been better), car setups (again, could be better) but back then we had weather settings. Dirt came along and through all that was good and heading in the right direction out of the window.

    Do they not listen to what we want? Or are we damned to suffer because of same fat suit wearing money-guru calls the shots? I has a face sad.

    Mind you, dirt 3 looks good. I just hope they improve things for rally enthusiasts, but I doubt it....

      are you guys retarded? okay all the CMR games were fairly decent, but your not gonna get serious sales and a continuing franchise with nothing but full on Rallying which personally i loved and 05 was pretty sweet.. you cannot tell me that DiRT and DiRT 2 were not good, they were damn epic racing games

      as for oggob, DiRT doesnt have colins name because he passed away.. DiRT is a Homage to his legacy and as mentioned in DiRT 2 Ken Block and Travis Pastrana were his last sought of Rival/Rally Friends, he taught them stuff at X-Games and had bets running with Pastrana hence why they had such a heavy involvement in the DiRT franchise. codemasters cant do much with Colin because well he aint around anymore :(

    I am highly skeptical over the amount of Rally the game will actually have, the game is officially re-branded now...

    Basically the first had alot to do with Colin, the sequel, his name took a back seat and DiRT 2 was very visual...

    This game is just DiRT 3, there is no mention of Colin's name in the trailer...

    Someone needs to make a group B rally game.

    I still haven't played Dirt 2 yet.. I have it sitting here for PC but I might buy it for PS3 instead. I guess I'm scared of the lack of actual rally sections. I'd rather a new Grid game, mind you..

    Obviously you guys haven't heard about the WRC 2010 game....

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