Disney's World Of Cars Online Won't Let Me Be Car 69

Yesterday Disney debuted its latest virtual world, Disney-Pixar World of Cars Online, with parental controls so strict I couldn't number my car 69 for some odd reason.

Create a car with eyeballs and drive yourself to distraction in the family-friendly browser-based online game based on Pixar's award winning movie. Use the mouse to manoeuvre your car around Radiator Springs, racing against other players, customising your character, or helping the redneck truck tip over tractors.

You can even build your own yard. I'm assuming that if your character dies, they put you up on cinderblocks in front of it. That's just a guess though.

"Our goal with World of Cars Online is to provide a creative and social environment where kids can have fun and use their imaginations in new ways," says Lane Merrifield, executive vice president of Disney Online Studios. "Our teams worked tirelessly to ensure World of Cars Online authentically represents the characters and storylines that kids and families have come to know and love from the movies, and we're looking forward to hearing what ‘Cars' fans think of it."

As with any kid-centric online game, Disney has gone great lengths to make sure the environment is safe for children. There's a Speed Chat option that only allows players to communicate using predetermined words and phrases, keeping everything on the up=and=up, as well as the aforementioned number blocking. You can be number 59, or number 79, but the 60's stop at 8. Nice catch!

If you're interested in turning yourself or your child into a freakish talking race car, head over to The World of Cars Online and sign-up for free. A $US5.95 a month subscription is required to access additional features.


    The censorship draws attention to the double meaning of the number. Imagine a child who just wants to be number 69, but can't. So he decides to either ask his parents, or research it himself. Now that's where the issue lies. I don't see how allowing the number 69 is an issue.

    I Have Not Did That Before!

    Buttercup Is 60, Not 69.

    My Car Is 69!

    NOW Buttercup's Race Number Is 98.

    Hey all : Storm Rustysticker got banned in The World Of Cars Online. And now he can't play The World Of Cars Online.
    ~Keep Coolant... Here was : Mike Fahey

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