Do You Love Foxconn?

Foxconn - the manufacturer of the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the Wii - held a rally at its complex in Shenzhen, China. Think of it as a pick-me-up for a factory that has made news for suicides.

What Foxconn rally wouldn't be complete without T-shirts, pom-poms and, yes, dudes in Spider-Man outfits.

Workers even carried signs showing their love for Foxconn's billion honcho Terry Gou. Nothing says "love" like carrying a sign. Nothing.

The T-shirts read: "Eminu Campus wear We are always at diligent"

In an effort to combat the suicide issue, Foxconn has been hiring more "mature" workers. Foxconn has also installed safety nets, nixed suicide compensation, raised wages and even considered moving factories to China's interior and increasing automation on the assembly line.

Foxconn Holds Anti-Suicide Rally in Shenzhen [Gizmodo]


    The girl and boy closest to the camera on the left in the first picture look so very, VERY unimpressed

    That top pic reeks of 'SMILE OR YOU WILL BE SHOT!'...

      You called it.

    Oh wow, some good looking Chinese girls there! I hope the pretty ones don't kill themselves D:.

    Remember China is a communist country, the people are in fact terrified, they are forced to do this because if they disagree they will lose their jobs. Have you ever been forced to smile in your life and parade happily like life was the greatest thing ever, while in reality you are underpaid, stressed from over working but this is only thing you have left to keep it all stable.

      Employees are free to leave Foxconn anytime, although it is a tough labour market out there with many more rural workers willing to take their place.

      Remember China is a communist country, by name only. Exploitation of labour is one of the pillars of rampant capitalism.

      You seem stuck in the 70s. China is officially communist but after the administration of Deng Xiaoping, China's embraced capitalism with a zeal usually reserved for greedy Wall Street bankers.

      Yes, China still has a lot of hurdles (eg. Human Rights) compared to the West, but for a lot of their people, it's not the Orwellian terror state you seem to think it is. Foxconn employees aren't forced at gunpoint to go on this parade, but it is true their employment is always up in the air. They put on the brave face and show up at their mindless job. But then again, don't we all?

    It's easy enough to knock foxxcon and their 19th century labor practices, but how many of us own apple, sony and microsoft products made in their factories?

    I certainly do, and feel more than a pang of guilt. But it hasn't stopped me buying. Shame on me and shame on us all!

    they were probably bayed $5US to do that really

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