Doom 4 Absent From QuakeCon 2010

We really thought that id Software would give us an update on Doom 4 at this year's QuakeCon. After all, id CEO Todd Hollenshead said at last year's event that we'd hear more about the next Doom in 2010.

Hollenshead kicked off today's QuakeCon keynote with the bad news. Doom 4 just wasn't ready to be shown publicly, he said. Rage for the iPhone on the other hand... Hollenshead did say that he was aware of fan's expectations for Doom 4 at QuakeCon 2010 and apologised for its absence.

When id's master programmer John Carmack was pressed for details on the status of the next Doom - which is neither a sequel nor a reboot - he said that he was currently embedded within the team working on the game, but opted not to share any further details.

We already know that Doom 4 will use id Tech 5 and feature "big guns, lots of blood and demons". Maybe we'll know more next year.


    And hopefully some lights that work.

    Well that sucks... But totally expected while rage is still in the limelight.

    *angry face*

    I would give anything for just one screenshot ;_;

    Us Aussie should be cheering. I would definitely want a R-Rating before it ships.
    L4D2 for gods sake had to be edited, can you imagine this?!

    I hope Dead Space 2 passes with ease!

    I'm torn between shouting something obscene at them and merely accepting their apology. On the one hand, they explained and apologized that it wasn't ready to be shown, even though the ONLY thing I was interested in this QuakeCon was Doom 4, so at least they acknowledged they were letting us down. On the other hand, the haven't produced even a SINGLE screen shot? They haven't done a damn thing on this game (except possibly some concept art) have they? Dammit, that's just plain laziness! Have they forgotten than Doom is STILL their most revered franchise and we're still eagerly awaiting the new game?

    Doom is a *legendary* game and absolutely everyone I know is waiting (still) for official screen-shots, a preview, or even a hint relating to its release date.

    I do agree that all this waiting sucks... but I hope that the game itself will make up for it. Better to wait a few more months for a quality outcome - one that is reflective of Doom's reverence by its fans - than have ID hastily release a less than fantastic creation that's bound to damage the hard-earned reputation of Doom.

    I only hope ID is truly making good ground with its development. I also hope they're not feeling pressure to cut corners for the goal of an earlier release date.

    My message to them is as follows:

    ► Doom has been a part of my life since the early 1990's and I've always loved playing it. Please keep up the effort, the commitment to innovation and superb quality which has made this game so recognisable.

    Anyway, I'm sure that if ID does justice to Doom, then Doom will reciprocate by doing exceptionally well for ID. After all, I've never hesitated at the idea of spending my money on it. :)

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