Doom Creator Helping Bring Rockets To Racing

You may know John Carmack, co-founder of id Software and lead programmer of Doom, keeps busy building space rockets with his Armadillo Aerospace team. But rockets aren't all they do.

They also do rocket planes.

The last you've probably heard of a rocket plane was the Me-163 Komet, a German fighter from the Second World War that did little else but sit a man on top of a giant rocket. It was, surprisingly, more of a danger to its pilots than the enemy.

Not to be dissuaded by the Komet's failure, Carmack and the team at Armadillo have been working on getting their rockets installed and working in light aircraft of a safer, more contemporary design.

Why would you need to put a rocket in an aircraft? Why, to race them in the Rocket Racing League, of course. Which is a real thing, one I am deeply saddened to be only learning about for the first time here.

The RRL is a start-up venture, new to 2010, and Armadillo will be supplying the rocket engines for the teams involved, using craft like the one in the clip above.

While the Rocket Racing league waits on the tarmac for the green light, you can get the league's official racing game (sadly not developed by Carmack's id) on iPhone and iPod Touch here.


    I.... I... I don't understand

    So Id are doing rockets now?

      It's the logical evolution. Rocket jumping -> Rocket Flying.

    Good article on the race series itself here:

    The real thing even sounds quite game-like, with the pilots having to hit checkpoints as projected onto their HUD.

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