Doom's Warfare Gets A Little More Modern

Doom was released in 1993, so most guns in the game that didn't have the word fucking in the middle of them are looking a little antiquated by now.

To give the game a more contemporary - dare I say Modern - touch, some enterprising souls have released a mod for both Doom and Doom 2, bringing pixelated versions of Modern Warfare's arsenal (and a suitably green HUD) to the 1990s shooters.

You can see it in action in the clip above. If you feel like giving the mod a try, you can grab it here.

[thanks SaucyN!]


    THATS AWESOME (caps)


    This looks AWESOME!!!

    Can't wait to give this a try!

    That was epic!!!!!!!

    Pretty sure that's the most awesome thing I've seen all day. Totally getting it.

      Ok, if anyone is wondering how to play it before downloading, looks like you need to download this mod manager first-

      Then according to the readme you just drag a couple of files into skulltag and it'll handle the rest for you.

        Ok, I got it all working. Basically just install skulltag somewhere (it didn't matter for me- it saw all my Doom games in their Steam directories), same with the mod. Then in the mods directory just drag the four files to the skulltag application link as per the readme (or leave out the 'enemies' file if you want them to keep their original growls etc). Then just pick which version of Doom you want to play and it'll load.

        Then you'll need to set up your controls for the first time. Turn on mouselook in the mouse settings, set up your fire/altfire, grenade, knife in the keyboard controls etc.

        Start a new game and pick/create a class. Then play the game!

    That was golden. Does the game still auto-aim for monsters on different vertical planes?

      Not sure about that but you can turn on mouselook and play it WASD style like any modern FPS, including crouching, jumping etc.

    Epic as! @Bogos, yes it does.

    LOL the guns look way overpowered, but its plenty authentic

    Do you need to own both Doom I & II to play the mods... Hmm could be a stupid question?! or is the link a full download of both games. I thought they may be freeware now.


      You need to own the particular game you want to play. Using the skulltap program, it'll apply this mod to any version of oldschool Doom you own (Ultimate Doom/Final Doom/Doom 2 etc).

      They're not freeware. They're constantly cheap on Steam though, I bought the entire series for like 5 bucks at Christmas.

    I wonder if it can be used with the Snowberry doom launcher. That way all the new eye candy can be enabled.

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