Double Fine's Next Game Is Costume Quest, A Halloween RPG

The creators of Grim Fandango, Psychonauts and Brutal Legend aren't making a sequel to their Jack Black-starring heavy metal action game. Instead they're making four new games, one of which is the Halloween-themed role-playing game Costume Quest.

According to a first look from UGO, Double Fine's new downloadable game - which is due for a timely release on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on October 31 - will be part trick-or-treat fest, part action-adventure. Players will assume the role of a candy-begging boy on the hunt for his missing sister, who has been abducted by monsters.

The player's abilities, and those of AI-controlled trick-or-treaters, will be determined by the costumes they're wearing. Players will transform into gigantic versions of their costumed characters - like a massive knight or skyscraper-sized mech - when engaged in battle with Halloween beasts. They'll also acquire candy, accept quests from neighbours and build teams of fellow trick-or-treating costumed kids to progress.

Costume Quest was concocted and is being lead by Double Fine animator Tasha Harris, with CEO and funny figurehead Tim Schafer serving in a supporting role.

More details on Costume Quest at UGO and in the coming weeks.

Exclusive First Look at Double Fine's New Game: Costume Quest [UGO]


    You can just tell this is going to be hilarious. Looking forward to more info.

    Sounds good, doesn't make up for a lack of Brutal Legend follow up though.

      It's a huge shame there's no follow up to BL on the cards - I'd have loved to see what they could've done with a chance to improve on the first game (which was incredible despite it's faults). Still, this looks really fun and imaginative, and we can expect great production values too if Double Fine stays true to form.

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