Dragon Age II Debut Trailer Looks Slick, Pre-Rendered

No, Dragon Age 2 won't look this good, but the Dragon Age 2 trailer that just debuted in Germany should give you a sense of the action they're going for. The game will be out on March 8.


    Faakin Epic...

    okay...towering mountain of badassery much?

    meh, looks like ff8

      sweet i love ff8

    too bad the combat wont be that epic. T.T

    What the hell power is that he is using? Devil arms through portals?
    okay now i really want to play this

    I'm concerned somewhat, I know they released the last one only last year, but it was still Dec 09, which means, it's 1 year later, I am just hoping it has as much depth as #1 did, if not more.

    This seems to indicate that class-mixing will be possible, what with Hawke fighting hand-to-hand as well as using magic. Maybe DA:2 will be less resrictive and class-based?

    Then again, the Sacred Ashes trailer had nothing at all to do with DA:O, so who can tell...

      Or he could be an Arcane Warrior

    Great cinematic trailer. The kate Mulgrew (Flemmeth) voice over was great too. Captain janeway FTW.

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