Dragon Age II Trailer: The Director's Cut

As good as Dragon Age II's first trailer looked at GamesCom, it looks even better with an extra 40 seconds of blood, stabbing and dismemberment.

Make sure you click the "HD" button. It'd be a crime to watch this in pixel-vision.


    "Make sure you click the “HD” button."

    HA! It's the HQ button!

    .....god I'm bored. I think I may go play Scott Pilgrim.....

    extra 40 seconds for extra worth it. Lol.

    Watching the video causes my computer to crash to BSOD...weird.

      "You drivers stopped responding and now have resumed function"
      Must be magicks in that video, damn be the darkness

    looks exactly the same to me, where are these extra 40sec?

    plus, show us some gameplay already!

    and, why does this warrior class have the ability to cast spells?

    Actually this looked a lot better without the HQ button clicked.......... Wha?

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