Dragon Age: Origins Ends With A Witch Hunt

BioWare ties off a major plot thread in preparation for the coming of Dragon Age 2 with Witch Hunt, the climactic ending to the Origins storyline where players will finally uncover the secrets held by Morrigan, the incredibly under-dressed witch.

"Never follow me." With these words, Morrigan vanished into the shadows. Her plans and her whereabouts have remained a mystery... until now. But whether you seek answers, revenge, or reconciliation with your lost love, you may find more than you bargained for

.Journey back into the southern wilderness nearly a year after the fall of the Archdemon to discover what happened to the dark witch Morrigan following her final moments in the original Dragon Age: Origins campaign. Due out September 7 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, Witch Hunt promises to tie up Morrigan's loose end once and for all.

Without dropping too many spoilers for those who've yet to play the original game, I'm a little worried that the Morrigan we find might *cough* take after her mother, if you know what I mean.

And if you don't, go play the game and find out, and get your $US7 ready for September 7 to bring this baby to a close.

Witch Hunt DLC Page [BioWare - Thanks Tomat!]


    I was hoping her story would actually continue in one of the Dragon Age sequels. What happens at the end of the first game perfectly sets up the kind of fantasy epic I had been hoping for.

    Amazing! I was left with such a longing to find out what happened and when I heard the details of DA2 I was pretty disappointed.

    This is the first DLC I will be buying day one without hesitation.

    Big ups for Bioware.

    About time!!! I always did wonder where she ran off to with my child.

    Thou bioware could have made it epic with this plot going into dragon age 2, with trying to track her down.

    Then 3 fighting her and mostlikely her army due to the whole half demon / half grey warden child.
    Then if time make 4th the quest for sammiches.

    But then again not everyone hooked in with morrigan. So won't be fair or make sense to those who hooked in with alistar


    I've had DA:O since it was released but have yet to beat it as things kept getting in the way. I'm almost done though and I'm up to battling my way to the Arch Demon.

    When I first saw that scene with Morrigan a few nights ago I was really shocked. I spent about half an hour just wondering if I should accept her offer or not. In the end I chose not to because it was obviouse she had an evil intent for the child.

    I did save beforehand though so I can go back and try out her other options. The whole time I was also thinking "Damn you BioWare why do you put choices like this in your games". I love BioWare and its games and the choices in the games are great but also sometimes very annoying.

    Anyway I look forward to this DLC even though I still have to play through all the others as well as Awakening. Hopefully I can do that all before DA2 comes out. I think I'll be able to if I focuse or my gaming attention on it and ignore the other games I've still got to beat (GoW3, FF13).

    Also I've got a question regarding DA2. Apparenly you can transfer your DA:O save to DA2. I have DA:O on PC and don't know if I should get DA2 on PC or console (either 360 or PS3). The fact it's going to be more of an action game is making me think console. Anway if I do get it on a console would it be possible to transfer my PC DA:O save over to it? So if I got the game on 360 could I transfer my DA:O PC game to a usb, put the usb in the 360 and transfer the DA:O save to the hard drive? If not I guess I'll get the game on PC.

      I don't think it's going to be an issue.
      You know that Bioware social club you have to log into each time?
      I think it accesses that for your decisions.

      I'm still trying to make my way through that damn Gollums DLC... but once that's done I'll be buying this, I love this game.

      Ahhh, but it's exactly these choices that make Bioware so much fun. These sort of character defining moments are where the RP in RPG really shines. Obviously there are consequences for your actions, but what will you do? The fact that you can take half an hour to think of an answer is testament to the luxury we have as players. Maybe you'd get that half hour if DAO was real but could you have taken even a tenth of that time in ME on Virmire?

    does australia actually get this on the 7th though ? or is it the 8th since america is behind us ?

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